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What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘grandparent’? If it’s a little old lady knitting in a rocking chair, then you might want to think again. These days you’re as likely to see an octogenarian tweeting from her iPad as casting off her purl stitch.

Gransnet, the social networking site for the over 50s (don’t let the name fool you – all older people male or female, grandparent, parent or not are welcome to join us!), launched in 2011 and is now the largest social networking site for older people in the country. New members have been joining every day for the past 2 years, to talk about everything from politics to memories, books to relationships, snorkelling to, OK, yes, knitting. In 2013 came the launch of Gransnet Local, a network of sites across the country run by people aged 50-plus, offering listings of activities and events; a directory of services, from health centres to plumbers; forums for discussion of local issues; and the possibility of meeting up.

One of the joys of the internet is that no one has to know what you look like. The great thing about the web is that prejudices – about someone who has a disability, or is over 50 and living alone – don’t have to get in the way of who you are. Gransnetters value this anonymity. Even so, it quickly became apparent that many of them do want to meet offline, particularly once they’ve made friends. Members have taken it upon themselves to organise lunches and visit each other, including in hospital; some have even holidayed together.

Gransnet Local Colchester is the local site covering the whole CO postcode area and is thriving with new groups, businesses and events being added each day. Discussions have started on the local forums and a monthly newsletter is being sent out. Gransnet Local Colchester also has Facebook and Twitter pages for those wishing to take social networking for the over 50s one step further.

It is free to join and free to add to the local website listings, whether it’s to tell everyone about your fantastic hairdresser or inviting us all to your jumble sale. There is also the opportunity for local businesses to advertise to their target market or to offer promotions or competitions.

We want to hear from you if you have something to add to our local Gransnet community.


Shop at the Co-op…

Gransnet Local Colchester:

Do you have any Co-Op memories?

Originally posted on Prairie Jottings:

This entry has been a long time in forming ,into what I had intended, due to some research into the history of the Co-operative Society in my old home town of Colchester, Essex, England. This research led me by the nose onto a different path which, as a history buff, I found very interesting. A hint of that will be found further down in this entry.

“Shop at the Co-op” was the cry by the working class,often heard in my my village of those immediate years of post-Second World War England.

Not all villages had a Co-op grocery shop but my village of Dedham, Essex, had one probably due to the size of population of 1,500 and closing in on 2,000 before long as council house sub-divsions were built. The earliest made mention of the Co-op grocery in my village was from the late 1920’s.

The Co-op had a system…

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Getting around in Essex

IMG_5248Essex County Council has launched its bus strategy and consultation. The consultation, called Getting around in Essex, will help the council to listen to residents’ views on how to improve the county’s bus and passenger transport network.

The consultation runs until March 31st 2015.

Buses still provide a vital link between communities and help the day-to-day running of the county’s businesses, education and health services. The questionnaire will help the council and its partners to review the bus service currently delivered across the county to shape the service to deliver greater economic and social benefits for the people who travel around and work in Essex.

Essex County Councillor Rodney L. Bass, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation, said: “This strategy will focus on building long term and sustained partnerships with bus operators to strengthen the network and grow passenger numbers.  It will help to review current services, look at getting better value from the transport services Essex County Council supports and reduce overall costs without significantly impacting services.”

The consultation focuses on eight areas:

  • Better partnership working
  • A clearer commitment to quality
  • Measures to grow passenger numbers
  • Better targeted support for those services that are taxpayer funded
  • Better information for customers
  • Services that are better tailored to local needs
  • Integrated and smart ticketing
  • Focused local planning

To read the strategy go to www.essex.gov.uk/busreview.

To answer the survey questions visit consultation on bus and passenger transport strategy. Alternatively, contact Healthwatch on 01376 572829 between 10am and 2pm, Monday to Friday except for public holidays to complete the survey over the telephone.

Hard copies of the strategy will be available at local libraries or to request copy of the summary, which includes a paper copy of the survey for you to complete, please call 0845 743 0430 or email contact@essex.gov.uk.

The Care Advice Hub – A Service in Colchester & Essex

careadvicehub logo&text

The Care Advice Hub signposts and supports people who pay for their care (known as self funders) by bringing together local expertise from the care industry, finance and legal professions.

We offer an initial no fee consultation to assess a client’s needs, which may cover a wide variety of issues. If you decide to use The Care Advice Hub we will provide a detailed report, giving you the road map for your journey through what is often described as the “drunken walk” through the care maze i.e. going from pillar to post.  In addition we will give you a personal introduction to our partners (not just a list of websites) with your consent. When requested we will also try to facilitate joint meetings with different professionals, subject to availability.

A fee of £500.00 applies for The Care Advice Hub service. Some of our partner’s services are free and some will charge i.e. legal services for example.

Here is a sample of some of the types of hub partners we will actively introduce you to:

Care Services

Independent Social Worker                                                           

•Domiciliary Care                                                                             

•Live In Care                                                                                     

•Care Homes                                                                                     

•Local Support Groups       


Legal & Professional

Specialist Care Fees Advisers

•Equity Release Specialists

•Solicitors/Will Writers

•Power Of Attorney Specialists


•Funeral plans

The area that we currently cover is predominantly the A12 corridor which is Essex. This ranges from Colchester up to Upminster, Romford and the Epping Forest area.

We are continually striving to increase our local links and will appreciate any input from our clients for the need for a relevant service. We would welcome your feedback or introductions if you feel you know someone who would benefit from a chat about their situation and how to approach the need for care and all its implications – as it is sometimes difficult to know who to ask first then please contact us.

The service will include:

  • Initial meeting (at a comfortable place of your choice) with a family member or friend if you wish.
  • A discussion of your care needs and financial situation.
  • Pro-active access to the ‘Hub’ – which gives you access to trusted local professionals and services we feel would benefit you. This will be done by means of a personal introduction by the Care Hub, which will include (with your permission) a summary of your personal situation. The aim of this to avoid the need the repeat your story several times over.
  • A review of benefits potentially available to you (state benefits).
  • Written report detailing what is available to you and where we feel we can help.
  • You will be given your personal roadmap to possible care options, financial solutions and help and guidance to the correct services.

Please contact us today for a meeting. You are not alone, The Care Advice Hub will work with you to make a difference and to give you choices.


Recycle for Count the Kicks

ctk logoCount the Kicks runs a recycling scheme across the UK collecting baby food pouches, Tassimo coffee pods, sweet biscuit wrappers, used stamps, cleaning product waste, printer ink cartridges, clothes and shoes. The recycled goods are turned into funds which go back to the charity.

Count The Kicks is one of the UK’s leading pregnancy charities which aims to drastically reduce the number of families that experience the tragedy of still birth in the UK which currently stands at 17 babies every day. By educating expectant mums on the importance of monitoring their baby’s movements, the charity aim to help to cut this number by at least a third and help expectant mothers have more healthy pregnancies.

There is a wealth of information on the Count The Kicks website http://www.countthekicks.org.uk

Sally is the CTK recycling co-ordinator covering Colchester – ctkrecyclingcolchester@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/groups/CTKColchester

Extend your life with just 20 minutes of activity

Have you heard the news?  Just twenty minutes of activity can improve and extend your life!

University of Cambridge researchers said about 676,000 deaths each year were down to inactivity, compared with 337,000 from carrying too much weight.  They concluded that getting everyone to do at least 20 minutes of brisk walking a day would have substantial benefits. Experts said exercise was beneficial for people of any weight.

Community Voluntary Services Tendring can help you get your 20 minutes of activity.  CVST run a range of activities including weekly walking and swimming groups and healthy training courses within the learning programme.  The walking group meets every Sunday at 12:30pm at various points around the Clacton seafront.  The swimming group takes place at Valley Farm Holiday Park, Clacton every Thursday, 9am – 10:30am.  Contact Adam at CVST for more information.

There will also be two FREE exhibitions showcasing local organisations with all they have to offer in the way of health and social activities.  The Great Bromley Exhibition will be held at the Village Hall, Great Bromley, on Saturday 21 February from 9:30am – 1pm and the Health and Wellbeing Day will be held at the Community Information Centre, Rosemary Road, Clacton on 14 March, 10am – 3pm.  Contact CVST for more information about any of these events tel. 01255 425 692 or email admin@cvstendring.org.uk

Pictured below:   Walking group members enjoying the view at Holland on Sea

walking group 21 sept b