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What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘grandparent’? If it’s a little old lady knitting in a rocking chair, then you might want to think again. These days you’re as likely to see an octogenarian tweeting from her iPad as casting off her purl stitch.

Gransnet, the social networking site for the over 50s (don’t let the name fool you – all older people male or female, grandparent, parent or not are welcome to join us!), launched in 2011 and is now the largest social networking site for older people in the country. New members have been joining every day for the past 2 years, to talk about everything from politics to memories, books to relationships, snorkelling to, OK, yes, knitting. In 2013 came the launch of Gransnet Local, a network of sites across the country run by people aged 50-plus, offering listings of activities and events; a directory of services, from health centres to plumbers; forums for discussion of local issues; and the possibility of meeting up.

One of the joys of the internet is that no one has to know what you look like. The great thing about the web is that prejudices – about someone who has a disability, or is over 50 and living alone – don’t have to get in the way of who you are. Gransnetters value this anonymity. Even so, it quickly became apparent that many of them do want to meet offline, particularly once they’ve made friends. Members have taken it upon themselves to organise lunches and visit each other, including in hospital; some have even holidayed together.

Gransnet Local Colchester is the local site covering the whole CO postcode area and is thriving with new groups, businesses and events being added each day. Discussions have started on the local forums and a monthly newsletter is being sent out. Gransnet Local Colchester also has Facebook and Twitter pages for those wishing to take social networking for the over 50s one step further.

It is free to join and free to add to the local website listings, whether it’s to tell everyone about your fantastic hairdresser or inviting us all to your jumble sale. There is also the opportunity for local businesses to advertise to their target market or to offer promotions or competitions.

We want to hear from you if you have something to add to our local Gransnet community.


Urban Fraud Myths and the Reality.

Do you know your fraud fact from fraud fiction?
Action Fraud and the City of London Police launch its Urban Fraud Myths campaign to let you know the truth about fraud and cyber crime. To view myths and realities connected to
Myth 1 Dating fraud
Myth 2 Spoofing
Myth 3 Pin Safety
Myth 4 Money mules
Myth 5 Public Wi-fi
Myth 6 Intellectual Property Fraud
Myth 7 Insurance fraud
Myth 8 Money Transfer Systems
Myth 9 Passwords
Myth 10 Social engineering
Myth 11 Legitimate websites
Myth 12 Anti-virus software
Myth 13 Charity fraud
please visit http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/resources-and-campaigns/urban-myths   


Scheregate Hotel updated and Abbeygate Street

Gransnet Local Colchester:

Lovely to see new life being added to part of our historical town.

Originally posted on colchester life:

Following the blog last week alerting to the fact the front of the hotel had been painted after a while in decline, I questioned whether the decoration of the side would occur for the sake of completion. To my relief it appears the rather wartorn side appears to now be heading in a progressive direction. Minor news I know, but after walking through an underpass to get into town, it’s a pleasure to walk into the highly floral Abbeygate Street (in the full flow of obtaining an autumnal carpet at present below), it was a shame to have to walk past the decaying side wall.


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A Time for Celebration of Our Gurkha Stories Project!

Gransnet Local Colchester:

I was there with my husband, who is an instructor with 308 Colchester ATC, and we had a fabulous time and learnt a lot. Happy to help you spread the word.

Originally posted on Gurkha Stories:

P1030831       DSC_1721

The stunning Colchester Castle was a-buzz with our vibrant and colourful party of Gurkha veterans, their wives and families yesterday along with our supporters from the community of Colchester. We were celebrating our project’s amazing achievements and I can honestly say I couldn’t have wished for a better atmosphere and outcome.  We have all worked very diligently and meticulously for the last 12 months to achieve all our outcomes and now we are deservedly celebrating the Gurkha community in Colchester and their life stories!


We’d like to give a massive thank you to our Army Covenant funders for coming along and taking part in the celebrations and to Colchester’s local dignitaries, Will Quince MP and Sir Bob Russell, for showing their support. And, of course, thanks goes to the hardest-working museum team in the country at Colchester Museum for giving us the amazing venue for the…

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Jaywick 60 plus club receives grant from money raised by HealthStrength.

Jaywick 60 plus picture 1A Jaywick group that has been running activities for people over the age of 60 for over 50 years has received a £12,050 grant from money raised by HealthStrength through The Health Lottery.

The funding will enable the Jaywick 60 plus club to continue to run its weekly sessions which have a membership of over 80 people. The club also organises day trips, events and other activities to prevent older people living in Jaywick from becoming lonely and isolated.

The club meets every Monday between 2 and 4pm and is open to any local resident over the age of 60. Trips and other activities take place throughout the year.

Club Chairman, Lyn Hutchins said: “This grant will help us expand our work in the community with local people. So many older people are living on their own and our club gives them the opportunity to meet other people, make new friends and most of all to have fun!”

The club were contacted by Community Voluntary Services Tendring who provide funding support to local groups and who informed Jaywick 60 plus about the grant programme.

Lyn said “We are really grateful to our local CVS for sharing information about this grant with our group and would recommend other groups looking for any kind of support to contact them”

The club has also used some of the funding from the grant to purchase a new music system.

Quote from Donald Macrae, Director of HealthStrength “This project brings real value to the health and well being of the local community and we are delighted to be supporting it.”

For more information about the project contact Lyn on 01255 420641

For more information about HealthStrength contact media@healthstrengthCIC.org or call 0203 384 8309 or visit www.healthstrengthcic.org.uk

Litter Is No Longer a Problem!

A community litter pick which took place recently by Clacton town centre residents was hailed as a ‘A good deed and well done’ by all concerned.

Residents from The Grove and Hayes Road, Clacton on Sea, collected four bags of rubbish with resources supplied by Tendring District Council. “Litter is always a problem in our road. People don’t think before they drop it, then it blows off into someone’s garden and they just walk off.” Stated Douglas Neil who was one of the residents participating.

The residents are all part of Good Neighbours, a local group who hold their monthly coffee mornings on the last Saturday of every month in Clacton town centre. Residents get together, make friends, and if there are issues of concern, they talk about how best to resolve it. They do this by either working together such as the litter pick or in other ways for example, by contacting other agencies to help.

“The day went really well” said Emma Hazleton, HILL Community Development Officer at CVST. She went on to say “It was great to be working with the local community on a project that makes a direct difference not only to the people who took part, but to neighbours and to the immediate environment. The area look so much better and the residents had a real sense of achievement which they talked about over coffee and biscuits after the litter pick. A few minor issues were reported to Tendring District Council who thanked the group and there were some different ideas agreed for future activities and for fundraising.

We’re looking forward to supporting local people with more events like this. Anyone can come along to the coffee mornings to meet other Clacton residents and share ideas – the group are moving forward!” she said.


Contact Emma Hazelton, Community Development Officer for further details on 01255 425692. The Good Neighbours group is part of the Lottery funded project Healthier, Independent, Longer Lives (HILL) run by CVST.

New adventures in an old town

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ColchesterWith another exciting holiday approaching fast, I thought it was about time I posted up some pictures from this year’s winter weekend away, in Colchester. It’s Britain’s oldest recorded town (as the publicity never tires of telling you!) and on paper looked a great choice for families with a castle, a zoo, a big playground about two minutes from our holiday cottage and plenty to see and do. On Sunday afternoon, after a roundabout train and rail-replacement-bus journey that had taken us via Ely and Ipswich followed by a less than pleasant trek through congested streets, we were not really warming to the place. Thankfully, between rants about the slowness of pedestrian crossings and car-packed roundabouts, we caught a few intriguing glimpses of the town’s history and architecture: a stained glass window on the top floor of a terraced house, ornate carving on a church tower, the huge clapboard mass…

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