A Good Clearout.

old antique books from scuffs and scratchesI have been spring cleaning and rearranging the bedrooms, as you do at this time of year. As well as dust and dubious stains of unknown origin, I now have piles of STUFF!!

You know what I mean: clothes that no longer fit or are only fit for dusters (why didn’t I find them before I started cleaning?), toys that are now unloved or parts for toys that do not belong to any other parts, things that I put away meaning to sell and then forgot about them and, well, just stuff.

I got to work and put the black rubbish sacks and clear recycling sacks to good use….the bin men are going to love us. The duster clothes are in the duster drawer and the charity clothes bagged up for the charity drop in our supermarket car park (I must remember to take them with me when I next shop!!). Good toys have been boxed up for when my grandson visits and baby toys put away for any future grandchildren. I am now determined to sell everything that I have left.

In the past I was the “Ebay” queen, but it has lost it’s allure for me now. So I set to work photographing and pricing up and then add it to Gransnet Local’s Nearly New/For Sale pages…free local advertising and nothing to lose. I then copy the links to the Gransnet ads to local Facebook selling pages – I didn’t know there were so many – and the queries started coming in…

Well I have sold the large items within a few days of listing them with no fees or postage to worry about and I have space to fill in my house again…a new hobby table is on order to fill it as we have taken up wine making, but that’s another story.


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