Humpty Dumpty


Hello, I’m Humpty Dumpty and I’m going to tell you the real reason behind my great fall.

Before you ask, no, I’m not an egg. I’ve no idea where that came from. Somewhere this was put in, and it seems to have stuck. I’ve no idea why. Some things are funny like that, aren’t they. Everyone knows the rhyme. It doesn’t mention an egg, does it? Still, ask someone to draw Humpty Dumpty and they’ll draw an egg. At least you’ll know to correct them now, well you will once you’ve read my tale.

Anyway, I’m a cannon. You didn’t see that one coming, did you? What’s even more unusual is that I am a large cannon that was sat on top of a church. Top of the range I was. That would make Sunday services a lot more interesting, still for some reason it never really caught on.


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