St Botolphs and Cultural Quarter Development in Colchester




Colchester’s plans for redevelopment lie in ruins.  Its a long sad story and no-one comes out of it well. The old bus station, which, curiously,  has achieved a cosy romantic glow in hindsight,  attracted  fewer users than Osborne and St Johns Streets users during the day  and no-one in their right mind wanted to use it in the hours of darkness. There were muggings and at least one serious assault.  Prostitutes used the back of Keddies and needle sweeps produced used needles most weeks.  No longer home to a bus a minute as it was in its heyday, with passengers coming in from outlying villages, it was pretty well redundant. It needed closing and rebuilding: 

The master plan, which was in its original form, a  brilliant piece of strategic planning would have expanded the useful space in Colchester town centre by almost a fifth: a huge improvement, which…

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