A Day out with Elspeth in Colchester

The Tourist Information has recently moved into Hollytrees Museum in Castle Park.

Elspeth's Naughty guides

In 2008 I began a series of British towns – not guides, but personalised tours and reflections, eschewing the usual information and observation. This is another on my native East Anglia.

I wrote more on Colchester at http://elspethr.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/colchester/

The mainline North Station isn’t a great overture but you will have had sight of the town’s skyline – and how far it is. There’s little attraction around the station, though the retail park (especially the supermarket) may be useful if you are stranded or waiting for someone who’s delayed. Beware, ASDA is harder to reach and therefore takes longer than it seems, thanks to all the crossings.

Perhaps Colchester’s is not the easiest station-town route; it is basically go straight (south) for about 20 minutes, but some of the 3 roundabouts’ turnings are a little skewed. Keep sight of the tall Edwardian town hall and the Watertower to guide you.


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