Is your computer running slow? Albion Support can help.


It can be the one thing that bugs all of us the most when we use computers on a regular basis. I find myself saying “I’m sure this thing was faster when I bought it, ?? years/months ago”.

You will be forgiven if you think you’re going mad. You are not!

Over time your computer will collect information or data and like an old toaster that slowly collects bits of old bread and toast as you use it. This information or data can be collected by just visiting websites or collecting photos or even the computer itself creating large error logs. It will eventually force the toaster to stop working as it should. So like a clogged toaster you need to clean a computer of its old crumbs before it becomes a problem.

The truth with computers is there can be various reasons why a computer can slow down and like car for example the solution can be small and quick or large and possibly expensive, but do not fear 9.95 times out of 10, they can be resolved.

I bet at this stage you’re just thinking “Yeah, Yeah. I’ll sort it out later”. This can indeed sound like a laborious task and something that most of us, would quite happily forget to do or just put off until later.

Please do not put this off. We can help with your slow PC, and we can help remotely also so all you have to do is call us and have a chat. You can speak to a helpful human, who can sympathise with any PC problems and help your resolve them, at your pace.

Our number is 09022 200147(Calls cost 31ppm 9am to 9pm, Monday to Sunday)

Yes we do use a low cost premium rate number but we are open 7 days a week from 6am to Midnight.

By Albion Support Ltd



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