How to make shopping fun for the whole family this summer.

Finally, it seems as if summer has arrived. With long sunny evenings, the kids breaking up RWP_0101from school and the ice pops chilling in the freezer it is time to relax and enjoy the some quality family time. Clacton Factory Outlet prides themselves on being an ideal shopping destination for the whole family, so let’s look at why.

Easy to find
We’ve all been there, ‘debating’ whether its left or right, you drive down a long road and you know you should’ve seen it by now but you don’t want to turn around, just in case, and you end up in the middle of some housing estate that you’ll take hours to find your way back out of. Kids getting impatient “Are we nearly there?” We’ve all been there!

Free parking for up to 1000 cars
A day out shopping can be enough without having to worry about how much it’s going to cost you to park. Don’t worry about it and park free.

Separate baby changing and feeding areas
Baby changing is always appreciated but often over looked. Although being able to change your baby one handed in a sink while balancing an overflowing bag of nappies and wet wipes is a life skill that will be needed from time to time . . . not here.

Free wheelchair loan
Available for those who can get tired quickly or have literally, shopped until they dropped. Take advantage of the free wheelchairs, but no racing!

Full disabled access to all stores
What would be the point of lending wheelchairs if you couldn’t go anywhere in them?
The Clacton Factory Outlet is fully pedestrianised and designed to be easy to get around for wheelchair users with full store access.

Free kids play area
Could be used to tire the kids out early on or as a bribe for good behaviour. No matter what you decide, it’s free, so let the kids go wild while you sip on your well-earned latte from one of their marvellous eating and drinking options.

Throughout August, Clacton Factory Outlet has planned a Summer of Fun to keep kids of all ages entertained, so here’s a sneaky peek:

Circus Skills WorksAdventure Play Area 2hop and Face painter – 3rd August!
Carnival Craft Workshop – 8th August!
The Mad Hatter – 16th August!
The Lighthouse and Workshop – 17th August!
Summer Fun with the Dream 100 Roadrunners on various days!

This is just a small taster of the fun that’s planned during the summer of fun at Clacton Factory Outlet. As well as these activities, there are plenty of dining options and of course, fantastic savings available in the outlet stores. For full details and more information, please look at the website


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