You can in on the ‘Strictly’ action with FITSTEPS


ARE you a Strictly Come Dancing fan and watch the show thinking ‘I fancy a bit of that?’


Well, now you can in on the Strictly action with FITSTEPS (, the new Strictly Come Dancing-inspired workout devised by two of the show’s professionals: Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe.

Dancing is a fabulous way to maintain flexibility and keep your heart healthy, too. But, when it comes to ballroom and Latin, you usually need a partner, which puts a lot of people off. Now you can learn real ballroom and Latin steps, and have a giggle to boot, with FITSTEPS, the new dance workout that’s ‘Strictly’ fun!

Fitsteps master class teacher training with Ian Waite and Katy Louise  – watch the video!

“If you want to tone up like the celebs on Strictly, come along and give FITSTEPS a whirl,” says Katy Louise, instructor for Colchester and the surrounding area.

FITSTEPS is suitable for all ages, from 30-something mums to ladies in their 60s and 70s.

“It puts a huge smile on my face seeing everyone having a laugh while working out, as fitness can get so boring. Not so with FITSTEPS as we aim to have fun,” she adds.

Your chance to dance
Dancing is not only good for your posture, helping you avoid the dreaded ‘dowagers hump’, but FITSTEPS also helps you tone up various body parts:
TONE YOUR THIGHS: The waltz and tango target your thighs and glutes as you keep your knees gently bent throughout. This strengthens your legs and stabilises your core muscles as you have to maintain posture and control. The rumba focuses on inner thighs and, when done correctly, will tighten up those wobbly bits in weeks!
BANISH BINGO WINGS: The fiery paso doble targets upper arms and shoulders as you create tension on each sweeping movement. Channelling your inner matador, you swirl an imaginary cape aloft, which, when done at speed, really helps you feel the burn in those bingo wings!
TIGHTEN YOUR TUM: The samba helps tighten your core, as you do mini stomach crunches (not on the floor, but while dancing!) as well as hip swings to activate oblique stomach muscles, making it great for your waistline as well!

Other dances include the Quickstep, American Smooth, Jive, Cha Cha, Salsa, and Viennese Waltz to help get your heart pumping and calories burning, all while having fun – what’s not to love?

Ian and Nat small

“FITSTEPS is a fun and enjoyable workout,” says regular class participant Linda Young, 52, from Colchester, who has just become a grandmother for the first time.

“I like FITSTEPS because it’s a fun way to keep fit with my friends,” says Vanessa Perkins, 57, also a Colchester resident who attends the Marks Tey classes.

Find out more
Choose from FITSTEPS Tight & Tone, a lower-impact class that focus on toning, or FITSTEPS Cardio Blast, with faster dances, including cha cha, jive and quickstep.

Only £5 per class. Call Katy Louise on 07980 382009.

Claim your FREE first class voucher at where you can find the new September timetable. Classes in Colchester, Marks Tey and near Maldon. Visit the official site at


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