Ancient Roman Cache Discovered

Updated Antiques

Dear Readers

As I am currently away in what shall remain an undisclosed location, I cannot inform you of my current mission. My safety and that of those assisting me is dependent on my silence. I shall update you when my journey is complete and there is no fear of reprisal from the enemy.

I am able, however, to apprise you of the details of a great finding in Britain. Beneath an unassuming Essex department store are the hidden jewels of some ancient Roman woman. It seems that near 2000 years have passed since the righteous Queen Boudica (the spelling varies) sacked the small Roman village of Colchester, and in the fear and panic of the day at least one woman decided to bury her most prized possessions in a small bag, likely with hopes of surviving the attack and retrieving them later. Fellow archeologist Dr. Philip Crummy has been…

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