National Organising Week (November 1-7)

NOW-logo-300Want to clear your clutter? Do it NOW! That’s the message as Britain’s organising experts launch a drive to make life simpler and help you get the most out of your space, time, and belongings.

The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (apdo-uk) has been on a mission to help the people of Britain get better organised for a decade.

Now to celebrate its 10th birthday apdo-uk is holding National Organising Week (NOW) – a campaign to inspire everyone to tackle their clutter. From November 1 to November 7 apdo-uk will be holding activities and sharing our top tips to get organised and cut out the clutter.

Local professional organiser and apdo-uk member, Samantha Bickerton of Organised Spaces says: “Britain today is described as a ‘throwaway society’ but the reality is that a lot of us feel bad about getting rid of stuff we don’t need, use or love, even if it doesn’t have a role in our life any more. Add the ‘waste-not, want not’ philosophy we have inherited from previous generations to a world where consumer goods are more affordable than ever before and the result is a rising tide of clutter chaos. And when clutter is clogging up your home, it creates a mental muddle too. Clear it out and you’ll not only have more physical space but you’ll lift an emotional load off your mind at the same time – plus you’ll save yourself all that time you currently spend looking for things you can’t find! Getting started, however, can be the hardest part of the whole process. Sometimes the task of tackling the clutter on your own can feel overwhelming, and that’s when a professional organiser can help clear a path through the mess and the stress it brings to a calmer life and home.”

The message for National Organising Week is Do It NOW! Here are seven tips, one for each day of the week, if you always find an excuse to put off clearing your clutter.
7 tips for decluttering – one a day for a week to get you started:

1. Wondering where to start? Choose an area that gets everyday use so that you’ll immediately benefit from improving it. Make it a small area, such as a shelf, table  top or drawer, so it’s achievable and inspires you to do more.

2.  Set a timer  for 5 mins a day and work on decluttering an area. You won’t get it all done, but 5 mins a day soon adds up. Increase it gradually up to 15 mins.

3. Pick one item a day in the house, that you don’t need or use, to get rid of. Recycle it or keep a bag in the cupboard for the charity shop and add the daily items.

4. For a bigger project like a room, loft or garage, schedule chunks of time regularly into your diary. Work on the area for two – three hours at a time.

5. Struggling to stay motivated? Write down your decluttering goal and display it where you’re working. Seeing: ‘gain more storage space’, ‘find important items quicker’, ‘make money from selling stuff I don’t need’, can help you keep on track.

6. At the end of a decluttering session, dispose of items you don’t want immediately to avoid clutter build up elsewhere in your house e.g. take them to the charity shop, drive to your local recycling centre. For this reason, at weekends, Saturday mornings are best for decluttering so you have the afternoon to dispose of things.

7. Pay more attention to what comes into your house. Be the gatekeeper of your front door – don’t bring home free papers, or buy things you don’t need or love.

For more information contact your local organising expert and member of APDO-uk:

Samantha Bickerton

Samantha Bickerton of Organised Spaces

Telephone 07902 834 146, Email .


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