Finding What is Left of Medieval Colchester


After discussing what has been lost of Colchester’s past (see previous post), I thought it was only fitting to discuss what remains- especially since I’ve spent the past month studying court rolls for the 14th-15th century town.  (Note: See gallery at end for more images.)

IMG_32871. The Norman Castle– The castle was built in the 12th century by Eudo (William I’s right hand man) on top of the ruins of the Roman temple, which was burned to the ground by Boudica.  Left to fall into disrepair, the castle reopened this year after extensive renovations that turned the inside into a museum, which tells the history of the castle site from the Iron Age through the Protestant Reformation.

2. Several medieval religious structures can still be found.  While St Helen’s Chapel stands almost completely unaltered near the castle site, St Botolphs prioryonly the ruins of St Botolph’s priory remain.  All that is…

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