Shop at the Co-op…

Do you have any Co-Op memories?

Prairie Jottings

This entry has been a long time in forming ,into what I had intended, due to some research into the history of the Co-operative Society in my old home town of Colchester, Essex, England. This research led me by the nose onto a different path which, as a history buff, I found very interesting. A hint of that will be found further down in this entry.

“Shop at the Co-op” was the cry by the working class,often heard in my my village of those immediate years of post-Second World War England.

Not all villages had a Co-op grocery shop but my village of Dedham, Essex, had one probably due to the size of population of 1,500 and closing in on 2,000 before long as council house sub-divsions were built. The earliest made mention of the Co-op grocery in my village was from the late 1920’s.

The Co-op had a system…

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