FirstSite Andy Warhol Exhibit – A Big Success


Yesterday evening I anticipated spending a quiet evening in, watching Netflix and waiting for pay day. My plans were changed when a flyer arrived inviting ME, yes ME to an Andy Warhol exhibit at FirstSite. What a privilege!


Now I write this as someone who has always defended FirstSite as a place with massive potential and felt the huge criticisms missed the foresight that the venue had so much unfulfilled possibility. Last night, I can confirm it has stepped over the line into the realm of success. I can say that as someone who’s expertise in the field of modern art includes such accreditations as having seen a few programs on BBC4 and a late night Wikipedia session on Andy Warhol.


I didn’t expect actual real Andy Warhol pieces, so I was rather flawed when I realised, I was viewing an exhibition of actual real Andy Warhol, in Colchester FirstSite. The event itself…

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