Business Buddies Band Together To Boost Funds For Charities


A group of likeminded business owners are working together to boost funds for Colchester charities in a bid to show their joint Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Essex Networking is a small, independent business networking group who meet fortnightly at Wivenhoe House Brasserie and has raised more than £2,400 for various organisations.

The members most recent event, a quiz at Marks Tey Parish Hall, raised £1,033 which is being shared between Home-Start Colchester and Autism Anglia’s Doucecroft School. About 70 people gathered for a fun evening, during which clues to questions could be purchased as an extra means of raising funds. Six local businesses also donated prizes for a raffle.

After a similar quiz event last year, members of Essex Networking donated a cheque for £1,100 to Headway and they’ve previously collected £296.55p for St Helena’ Hospice in the Birkett Long £50 Challenge.

“The main focus of our group is the passing of business between members, along with business support and social activities,” said Nick Kokolski of Maid2Clean who is the organiser.

“Larger organisations have a dedicated Community Champion who spend their time raising funds for local worthy causes and two years ago we felt members of Essex Networking could pull together and make a contribution to the local community too. The members put forward the names of local good causes they consider worthwhile supporting and two names are drawn from the hat. This year was Doucecroft School and Home-Start.”

Essex Networking, who are looking for new members, are planning to do some more fundraising in the coming months before handing over cheques to Home-Start and Doucecroft School.

If you are interested getting in touch with Essex Networking to ask them to raise funds for your charity or if would like to become a member of the group, contact them via their website:





Age UK Colchester moves and changes name.

local care

A charity which acts as a life-line for elderly people is moving to a new base and re-branding.

Age UK Colchester will now be known as Age Concern Colchester and will work from the Colchester Community Voluntary Services building in Winsley’s House, High Street, Colchester after agreeing to take on five rooms on the first floor of the building.

Offices will be on the first floor, special arrangements have been made to see clients, where necessary, on the ground floor:

All of the charity’s services which it offers to pensioners including benefits assistance, information and advice, befriending and social activities will continue as normal from the new address.

To contact the charity, phone the original number of 01206 368420

Colchester Women set to tackle the Grand Canyon Trek for Alzheimer’s Society!


Lauren Goddard and Hayley Newell, from Colchester, will join the fight against dementia in March 2017, as they don their walking boots to trek the magnificent Grand Canyon.

Lauren and Hayley hope to raise over £7,000 for Alzheimer’s Society by taking part in the five day trek starting on 26 March 2017. This trek inside one of the most famous Canyons in the world, also passes some spectacular landscapes, breath-taking waterfalls, pools of turquoise blue and learning from our hosts the Native American Reservation. This tough challenge will help the UK’s leading dementia charity continue its vital work to support the 800,000 people currently living with the condition.

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive at Alzheimer’s Society, said:

‘We are delighted that Lauren and Hayley are giving their time to support Alzheimer’s Society. One in three people over 65 will develop dementia. As a charity, we rely on the generosity of individuals like Lauren and Hayley to help us continue our vital work. Please back Lauren and Hayley in their fundraising efforts so that Alzheimer’s Society can continue leading the fight against dementia.’
To sponsor them please visit

Alzheimer’s Society has a fantastic range of events both in the UK and abroad. To find out more, please visit or call  0870 417 0192.

Can You Help Search For The Stars In Our Lives?

The organisers of a major international women’s conference are looking for 100 extraordinary self-sacrificing ladies who are making a difference for others.

The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference and STAR AWARD, themed “I AM POSSIBLE”, celebrates women all around the globe that give their time, energy and resources to make this world a better place and to leave a legacy for generations to come.

Do you know someone in Colchester who you could nominate for a STAR AWARD who supports your charity or who has volunteered her time and resources to improve lives or is a charity Founder or community leader?

LIFT EFFECTS is looking for nominations of those special women who are worthy and deserve a STAR AWARD for sacrificing themselves selflessly and for giving their financial support tirelessly for the sake of others. They could be your mother, sisters, friends, charity or community champions and industry innovators, etc.

“The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference and STAR AWARDS (on June 18th, 2016, at Croydon Conference Centre) are initiatives to recognize the ladies in our communities who are role models in the world we live in, where many are searching for such people and to assure the world that such people do exit, despite what is going on around the world,” said Sandra Nelson, the founder of LIFT EFFECTS

“What these ladies do is beyond the STAR AWARD recognition but it tells a story of their journey and the strength of their story lets us know that we is possible.

“These ladies are STARS in their own right, they are everyday ladies doing extraordinary things and giving all they have, not because they have in abundance but because they know that the world depends on them and people depend on them to survive. We want to celebrate these ladies in the face of adversities in the world today and to let them know that someone sees what they are doing and we care, so that they can keep shining the light for others.”

In its second year, The Extraordinary Lady Speaks conference 2015 saw 60 women presented with STAR AWARDS, but this year Sandra and her team want to see 100 women given recognition for their virtuous conduct.

Sandra said: “This year we want more national media houses to get involved and put a spot light to this from the nomination to covering the STAR AWARDs on the day. This is worthy and deserves national and local media coverage.”

“We also want companies, individuals, celebrities, sports personalities and entrepreneurs to come forward to sponsor this worthy cause.”

To nominate yourself or someone else for a STAR AWARD send a 300 word statement highlighting the difference that the nominee has made, on or before  February 28th, 2016, to: LIFTEFFECTS@HOTMAIL.COM

Include any pictures, website details and contact details.

For more information visit




Recycle for Count the Kicks

ctk logoCount the Kicks runs a recycling scheme across the UK collecting baby food pouches, Tassimo coffee pods, sweet biscuit wrappers, used stamps, cleaning product waste, printer ink cartridges, clothes and shoes. The recycled goods are turned into funds which go back to the charity.

Count The Kicks is one of the UK’s leading pregnancy charities which aims to drastically reduce the number of families that experience the tragedy of still birth in the UK which currently stands at 17 babies every day. By educating expectant mums on the importance of monitoring their baby’s movements, the charity aim to help to cut this number by at least a third and help expectant mothers have more healthy pregnancies.

There is a wealth of information on the Count The Kicks website

Sally is the CTK recycling co-ordinator covering Colchester –

Clacton Community Centre on track for busiest year ever!

cvstA Community Centre in Clacton has seen over 7,500 attendances in six months during 2014!

Community Voluntary Services Tendring (CVST) runs the Community Information Centre (also known as the town’s hub) in Rosemary Road where loads of different activities take place.

The centre is home to a number of charities and groups including the Alzheimers Society, Essex Carers Support, Crossroads and Age UK Essex to name but a few.

Between April and September:
*1536 attendances at a wide range of  training courses
*1791 attendances at the variety of support and self-help groups
*500+ attendances at counselling sessions
*253 people were given information by email/phone

A fantastic team of volunteers meet and greet visitors and help respond to all sorts of enquiries, such as information on where to go for help and assistance, in a professional and caring manner.

Activities that run from the centre include a weekly Dementia Café, monthly support groups for people with diabetes, epilepsy and macular disease, help for people looking for work, counselling sessions and a friendship and bereavement café.

IT volunteers are on hand to offer help and support at one of three IT sessions which run every week with over 950 attendances at these popular sessions over the past 6 months.  Popular requests include assistance with tablets and smartphones in addition to computer technology.

Anyone looking for support or information about any services in their area can call in to CVST where staff and volunteers are on hand to help from 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

The centre is also available for community groups and local charities to hire particularly at evenings and weekends as it is usually fully booked during the week

IMG_2774There are many ways to find out more about what CVST has to offer or to book a room.
*Internet –
*Facebook – search ‘Community Voluntary Services Tendring’ and like our page
*Twitter – @CVSTendring
*Telephone – 01255 425692
*Email –

National Organising Week (November 1-7)

NOW-logo-300Want to clear your clutter? Do it NOW! That’s the message as Britain’s organising experts launch a drive to make life simpler and help you get the most out of your space, time, and belongings.

The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (apdo-uk) has been on a mission to help the people of Britain get better organised for a decade.

Now to celebrate its 10th birthday apdo-uk is holding National Organising Week (NOW) – a campaign to inspire everyone to tackle their clutter. From November 1 to November 7 apdo-uk will be holding activities and sharing our top tips to get organised and cut out the clutter.

Local professional organiser and apdo-uk member, Samantha Bickerton of Organised Spaces says: “Britain today is described as a ‘throwaway society’ but the reality is that a lot of us feel bad about getting rid of stuff we don’t need, use or love, even if it doesn’t have a role in our life any more. Add the ‘waste-not, want not’ philosophy we have inherited from previous generations to a world where consumer goods are more affordable than ever before and the result is a rising tide of clutter chaos. And when clutter is clogging up your home, it creates a mental muddle too. Clear it out and you’ll not only have more physical space but you’ll lift an emotional load off your mind at the same time – plus you’ll save yourself all that time you currently spend looking for things you can’t find! Getting started, however, can be the hardest part of the whole process. Sometimes the task of tackling the clutter on your own can feel overwhelming, and that’s when a professional organiser can help clear a path through the mess and the stress it brings to a calmer life and home.”

The message for National Organising Week is Do It NOW! Here are seven tips, one for each day of the week, if you always find an excuse to put off clearing your clutter.
7 tips for decluttering – one a day for a week to get you started:

1. Wondering where to start? Choose an area that gets everyday use so that you’ll immediately benefit from improving it. Make it a small area, such as a shelf, table  top or drawer, so it’s achievable and inspires you to do more.

2.  Set a timer  for 5 mins a day and work on decluttering an area. You won’t get it all done, but 5 mins a day soon adds up. Increase it gradually up to 15 mins.

3. Pick one item a day in the house, that you don’t need or use, to get rid of. Recycle it or keep a bag in the cupboard for the charity shop and add the daily items.

4. For a bigger project like a room, loft or garage, schedule chunks of time regularly into your diary. Work on the area for two – three hours at a time.

5. Struggling to stay motivated? Write down your decluttering goal and display it where you’re working. Seeing: ‘gain more storage space’, ‘find important items quicker’, ‘make money from selling stuff I don’t need’, can help you keep on track.

6. At the end of a decluttering session, dispose of items you don’t want immediately to avoid clutter build up elsewhere in your house e.g. take them to the charity shop, drive to your local recycling centre. For this reason, at weekends, Saturday mornings are best for decluttering so you have the afternoon to dispose of things.

7. Pay more attention to what comes into your house. Be the gatekeeper of your front door – don’t bring home free papers, or buy things you don’t need or love.

For more information contact your local organising expert and member of APDO-uk:

Samantha Bickerton

Samantha Bickerton of Organised Spaces

Telephone 07902 834 146, Email .